copycat82 Gate Problems: Input vs. Output

The output gate macros of copycat82 do not match the input macros (other than the non-exception of the ordinary Petri net join/fork, i.e: Whatever copycat82 itself implements, leads to mismatches. It is difficult, or impossible to imagine any reduction-heuristics with such un-proper "logic" macros - with their contagious problems:

e.g: input "inclusive-or" is no match to the output inclusive-OR macro - even if the latter sends out at most a single token from each path, whenever it fires.

To follow an output-OR, with input-another-OR, would be non-conservative (of the token amount). To follow an output-OR with input-XOR may deadlock. To follow an output-OR with input-AND, may wait forever, if the output-OR may enable only a single path.

Further Reading

The plagiarism of copycat82 encompasses its input-gate, and its output-gate, too.

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