copycat82's False Claims (the myths)

No original questions. No original answers. Even the features copycat82 claims/lists about itself, either have no substance, or had been already published by others, or both.

False Advertisement, without substance

The myths (false claims) of copycat82 include:

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Fish Story
Is a lie edible?

It does turn out that, nobody ever cared to use what copycat82/83 proposed. Neither the authors, nor the jury(ies). If when approving copycat82/83, any jury member, had ever attempted to design anything the copycat82 way, it would be noticed that there is no free lunch.

As an alternative, for example, VD78 had published, a set of rules, to reduce complexity, by employing subnet-reductions. The VD78 restrictions, ensure the reduced-net to remain equivalent to the unreduced net.

copycat82, is an act of plagiarism, and it is seamful. When discussing design, and representation, and also in its examples, it tells about vague macros, (imitative of E-nets, but with a confused presentation of data), whereas in the section about analysis, it presents a figure with such a bottleneck that, it would exactly match VD78, save for the trivial entrance/exit macros at both sides. But accepting that as true, would leave the other sections irrelevant. It resembles the slogans such as "Eat as much fat as you want, and still be thin." That could not be true - except if you already do not want to eat fat.

The moment your example-designs, deviate from VD78 restrictions, they cannot be verified correctly. You get caught in errors. Instead of asking the Ph.D. nominee "How big was the fish? Was it lethal?" the jury should consider chewing the ideas, for real. It appears, they never preferred it for their own work, but they did act as if they found it any valuable work, and approved the publication(s).

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