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Fig.5.2 The input macros implemented with Petri nets
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Most of the (quite trivial) input/output macros of copycat82, contain faults and quirks (fault-proneness), although used in many examples throughout copycat82, which carries the problems to them, too.

The Fig.5.2. (pp.129-130) of copycat82, corresponds to Fig.9 (p.743) of copycat83, the associated published paper.

This page lists the problems, as visible on page 129 of copycat82 which contains three of the input-macro-implementation-attempts:

The other two input macros are on the page 130, and the output macros are on the page 132. The page copycat82 Gate Problems is about the consequences.

The so-called "input/output transfer specification" macros of copycat82, imitate the E-net primitives, and/or the SARA/UCLA control logic. In fact, if some decision-primitive does not exist in E-nets, it is faulty and/or quirky (fault-prone) in copycat82. Period.

The representation is also look-alike, as especially noticeable, in an example-figure on page 68 of copycat82.

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