copycat82: The Self-Contradictions.

The plagiarism of copycat82 attempts to merge multiple prior art sources, but it is worse than trivial, stuck only as the least-usable subset of (each of) them, or worse: The self-contradictions lurk in copycat82, and nothing warns about them.

Even when copycat82 admits grave problems (with a single sentence, or two), it does not solve them. As such, it is also a self-contradiction, i.e: why it is published that way, as it is not verifiable without those needed extras, which copycat82 does not contain.

juggling ignorance

copycat82 is seamful. The sort of juggling, called plagiarism, appears to be the problem. A self-contradiction is most likely noticed, at the seams where the multiple-sources were not exactly the same, and/or copycat82 copies a portion of a paper, but without some of the essential portions to make that work. e.g:

This list may not be exhaustive. But it is sufficient to point out the potential catastrophical consequences, in a world where even such a text can be granted a Ph.D.

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