detecting & killing all evil genies

I wish detecting & killing all evil genies (those bugging us). The technologies I define, seem like almost there, or at least, very straightforward and low-cost to research (simply test/verify these suggestions) and apply all around the World -- but nobody has marketed, nor open-sourced their 3D-printable or electronics circuit diagrams for this purpose, so far as I know).

Non-evil genies, by this definition, have to refrain from violating our privacies, and obviously, by any definition, they have to never attempt to manipulate anybody's thoughts (by sneaking into his/her mind).

I have knowledge about genies from Islamic literature, and that is sufficient for building various shelters and weapons. Furthermore, if making istihare (consulting with Allah, as hadith(s) suggest) may provide extra clues, that may be extra convenient -- lowering the cost, and (for example, if genies double as bacteria) widening our weapons arsenal. So, to detect and kill all the genies, cameras (or, spectrum analyzers), shelters (such as having walls that remind of the wall of Zulqarneyn (a.s.)), shoot-em-up weapons, and anti-bacterial drugs (antibiotics, bacteriophages, and others), may all work, in this, armageddon, big war (or, the biggest war), against thought-controllers, puppetizers.

how to detect the genies

If you have no such personal ability to see genies even when they wish hiding themselves, then you have to have the necessary toolset for that. There are various hints for knowing what may work. If genies have two modes (other than visibly appearing in the shape of humans or animals), then when they are in their traveling-as-microwave mode, you may try to find some environment that makes individual microwaves hit something on their path and become deyectable (almost how a beam of light cannot be seen in vacuum, but if you spread dust into its path, then you may see the light (photons) that spread and come to your eyes, but the genies case is probably more difficult, because they have free-will, and not necessarily traveling in herds, and therefore, the best option seems to detect the path it travels, rather than recording itself with a camera, that is, "sampling" from it, is presumably not so practical), just watch the effects at the travel path, to know where it is traveling. In their bacterial mode, one point that differentiates them from other microbes, is their talking with the human's mind where they are parasitic, and after you notice the species that does such talking-with-its-host's-mind, then you may watch them through any microscobe that can see that species (genies).

walls to kill-or-stop the genies

Whatever sort of microwaves the genies may be, a shelter that is fully isolated with walls that have a wide spectrum of waves in them, may interfere and kill those genies if/when they try to pass through that wall. That is because, unlike in optics (where lots of beams may pass through each other without being modifiable), the (electromagnetic) microwaves will be disrupted if they hit other waves.

By the way, I'm no physicist, but if you are puzzled, I may explain that, visible light is probably visible/optical although also in the electromagnetic spectrum, is because of the side-effects -- that is, photons convertible to electrons, and then vice versa, through photo-electric effect(s), and not because any sameness of bosons and fermions (and as I've said, I'm not a physicist, and I know their names, from a Byte (computer magazine) article, which contrasted boson vs. fermion.

Furthermore, if the istihare(s) how I did (Sept.17,2016) may be heeded, then genies are actually one single wavelength (1000m, and so, the frequency is 300KHz). Knowing that, may facilitate shooting them in their resonant frequency (300KHz), and the walls you make, may then shoot only 300KHz waves (along with some bacteria-killers, in case they dodge into their bacteria mode, and if 300KHz microwaves do not kill those genies/bacteria). Otherwise, in case that istihare was wrong (Allah simply not having found worthy answering me about that), or simply because you believe it would be more torturous to kill them with non-resonant frequencies (like slaying with blunt knives), then you may still shoot them with a whole spectrum of microwaves, and some (or, all of them) may work, with various levels of hurtfulness.

Your circuits, for example, whether within walls or toward the (non-object) open air (see the next section), may shoot the waves randomly, for genies not knowing your "searchlight-schedule" to esccape through that. If you would like to include your favorite clck-tick loop (in microcontrollers), then you may just have smaller-than-necessary wake-up frequency, and then not necessarily shoot at every wake-up. That is, both (1) when, and (2) toward which direction(s) you will shoot, may be with randomization (as long as there are no objects in that/those direction(s)).

how to shoot 'em up

How do you shoot an electromagnetic (em) wave? If microwaves would not bounce from walls and other objects, then it would be quite trivial (but presumably, at least some objects may bounce them, almost absorbing none of the microwaves, or maybe they will let them go through, and your neighbors, or those on the street, may be hit (and btw, I hope you never shoot your DIY-or-other laser gadgets through your open windows, because they may blind a person who walks on the street, without wearing goggles against laser).

There are two best options so far as I have thought (1) having two-ended paths across your room, and when there is no object in their path, they may (randomly) shoot (or, one shoots, the other catches/recycles), and (2) just associating the microwave-shooter with an object-detector (like rifle-scopes), and shoots when there is nothing in sight (hopefully, no pilot is flying windowless planes there, if you consider clouds as non-objects).

Ultrasound-time-of-flight detectors would perhaps work, too (for the object-detection phase of the (2)nd option), but if the object is specularly reflecting, that ultrasound wave may not necessarily come back to your ultrasound-detector (if the object's spot is specular & tilted), and likewise, the microwave you shoot next, could hit your non-target, to whom/witch, your ultrasound wave was sent, one moment, ago.

how to kill, when they are microbes

The Quran and hadiths have been interpreted as referring to microbes "also" as "satans."

As concerns the English word "evil" having a similar sense (harmful), it may already make sense that the word "satan" (such as some (unrightfully) harmful man) is said to (harmful) microbes, too.

But furthermore, istihares (Sept. 13,17,& 18, 2016) I did, hint that, they are bacteria species (not single one, and not any of the well known or published species). When they are not traveling as microwaves, they are bacteria, and unlike other bacteria, they understand human thoughts (that is, they are violating our mental privacies, and no other microbe does that), and the strategy I had thought (just find those which interact with our thoughts, and then isolate those species (probably in sheltered boxes where they cannot escape, because they would die that way, any way, because of the killer waves in those walls), and then you may develop drugs that specifically target the genies-as-bacteria (in contrast to bluntly using antibiotics which may kill good bacteria, too), is a good strategy. Furthermore, a listening device that loudly tells us what the genies silently whispers into our hearts, would be valuable, by itself, too (not only in detecting the talking species for conducting drug studies), so that humans may defend themselves against their stealthy thought-control attempts.

A Wired (magazine) article in 2009, was telling of microbes having electrical networks, but no specific frequency is mentioned. In the (Sept.17, 2016) istihare, if right, that turns out to be 300MHz (1m wavelength) for all microbes (both genies, and others). Just verify that with the existing literature, if they have researched and ublished that, already. All of them having the same frequency, means that, even if some killing could happen through that, that would be harming non-genies species, to (maybe unless there is some special characteristics of genies, would make them more harmable, for example, because they understand human thoughts, some double-blind trickery, may fool them to cause their jumping to some risky or lethal option aagainst them).


an istihare-for-research that failed, so far

I had istihare/hints (years, ago, before I bought them (Dec.8,2013)), and again, Sept.17,2016 that, 3-or-more-in-parallel of the "blankets" from, would act as blockade/wall to not let genies in/out. To have that, you have to make them a tent (or, room), fully isolating yourself. But that is inconvenient (at least, with the 5 blankets (two of them on the floor (as 4 layers), and three of them as a tent. The experiment was failure (because I felt no difference). The istihare afterward, suggested that there was a leak (& I should retry), but so far, I have not listed the options (nor istihare, yet) what the "leak" was. For example, at connection points between the floor and tent (maybe behind me)? For example, because I rolled the sides of the tent, and maybe they would NOT count as "three lenses" (like in the figure which inspired that old idea, again)? That is, do the three have to be a bit apart, tmaybe 1cm (half inch), or so? That is hard to achieve, other than with threads that hold them from exterior, & hoping that threads themselves do not become entry paths (no lenses there, where they go to inner layers). If the thing would have worked, it would be a great (no electricity, no big metal/faraday walls) portable (howI attached them to a curtain rail), and then you could just test people. That is, if someone who looks like "crazy" (or, feeling the assaults/silentTalks (maybe voices, too) but non-crazed) becomes normal immediately and then you know that he/she is not any physically troubled but simply assaulted, (if no telepathy/machine assault, then simply blocking the genies off in that small tent is demonstrative (but his/her genies may remain with him/her there and keep talking empty chatter, although not communicating with external sources while there (if you have to do strategic planning for warfare, or other research, before exiting the room), and those genies may be killable with prayers/shootings/drugs, too, as they cannot escape)). (If the thing were successful, I could list that in the buyables section of this site, but for now, at most, listable speculatively (& maybe you would like to have some outdoor blankets (although they are quite noisy (metallic sounds, like aluminum sheets), for research at night, at home). (BTW, I'm DX affiliate. So, this counts as advertisement of those outdoor blankets, too, Outdoor Survival Blanket (210 x 160cm) $2.90.)


As I had written in the w.r.t. section of decoupledVictim.htm, too, the mission (or, most important mission) of is to fight against thought-controllers, and as I have written about genies, the killing-out-all-genies-which-bug-us, is good for knowing who else is assaulting us (or, from where thay are assaulting us), as their waves follow a certain path toward us. Furthermore, if telepathy is also a type of wave-travel (as evidenced by some Faraday wall cnfigurations blocking it), then telepathy is trackable, too, when some such assault occurs. Killing the genies, is therefore necessary, even if the antichrist gangs (sabbataists/frankists/etc, the WOTW (worst-of-times-wishers)) may have been a lot more harmful to humanity in this World (because the satans want "only" to send you to hell or max-hell, while the WOTW wants to ruin the World, the most they can), and genies (when not in conspiracy with them/WOTW), despite being satans of every person, existing everywhere, they have probably never committed, many of the atrocities (such as producing/puppetizing [both the rapist and the raped] toward incest rapes) they committed with WOTW.

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